Elon Musk Takes Shot at Google Clips, Says Company’s AI Camera Isn’t ‘Innocent’

Google Clips, the standalone physical digital camera that Google unveiled alongside the Pixel 2 smartphones last week, uses machine learning to determine when is a good time to take a picture or record a clip. The company received applause for the device when an executive onstage demonstrated the features of Clips. But it’s safe to assume that at least one person isn’t a big fan of Google’s new camera: Elon Musk.

The billionaire and chief executive of Tesla, SpaceX, and SolarCity, took a jab at Google’s new camera over the weekend, saying the device doesn’t even pretend to have good intentions. In a response to a video of Clips posted by the Verge, Musk wrote, “This doesn’t even seem innocent.”

Google Clips uses machine learning and doesn’t take a picture or record a clip until it sees faces it recognises. The device has been designed to capture the special moments that people often miss out as they rush to make it to the before the camera before the timer ticks off.

The camera received a mixed response from people in the immediate aftermath of its unveiling. Google, on its part, has assured users that it is taking sufficient measures to protect the privacy of its customers. For instance, the Google Clips lights up whenever it is recording a video or taking a picture, a feature that will ensure people are aware they are being recorded. The machine learning that Google employs to find the best time to capture a shot also happens on the device itself, the company said.

But Musk’s jab might cost Google some customers. The billionaire is at the forefront of technological issues and is widely respected by others. Musk returns the favour by not shying away from expressing what he truly feels about things and people.

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